Chip Kidd Book Cover Designs

Chip Kidd Lecture

I very much enjoyed the lecture by Chip Kidd and discovering Chip Kidd Book Cover Designs first hand. I think meeting these inspiring artists is a great opportunity as a student at Farmingdale, as well as a designer.

Chip Kidd has created a life as a designer for himself which is what I am trying to do for myself. Anyone that has the wisdom that he does to do that, is someone I cant help but aspire too.

While I was listening I wrote down a few little notes only because those certain combination of words caught my attention. I wrote down in bubble letters “Get Ahead, Type Directors Club, Judge This, Go!, Form Follows Function, and Bitch I don’t know your life.”

Chip Kidd in his office


Chip Kidd’s designed many book covers  for the Type Directors Club manual. He had an idea to use clippings of interesting sayings and quotes from the newspapers such as the New York Times.

He would simple highlight a T, D, and C with blue red and green. The reader would read the saying and laugh and figure out what the T, D and C stood for. The clipping that made me write down “Get Ahead” was “To get ahead is a bitch.”


Collage of Chip Kidd Original Book Cover Designs


Chip doesn’t only work on designing book covers, he also is an author. Judge This is the title of his new book. One that I actually plan on reading in the future. Go! is a children’s book he was asked to write.

Chips task was the write a book for children that describes what graphic design is. During the lecture he showed various spreads of the book. I thought it was interesting how text heavy it was considering it was for children. I wasn’t sure what grade level book it was.

However he completed the task of describing what graphic design was. I got to thinking what I would have thought if I read that book when I was younger; way before I decided to pursue a career in design. I have been into all things art ever since I was a little girl. But I have to admit that I wasn’t thinking about form, color, positive, and negative space, etc. like he was describing them.

I would like to believe I just knew these things subconsciously and now I’m in school to in a sense perfect my skills. One of the pages in his book Go! read “Form Follows Function.” The way to visually describe that, Chip had a hand and a fork. Which just makes sense.


Chip Kidd Book Cover Designs


Chip’s closing story actually had me laughing. It was his story to explain how he came across his new mantra. He was waiting in line at KTF and the guy in front of him ordered three twenty one piece chicken buckets. The cashier asked if it was to stay or to go and the customer questioned how and why he would stay to eat 63 pieces of chicken himself. Thats when the cashier replied, “Bitch I don’t know your life.” That too just makes perfect sense.

Chip Kidd Book Cover Designs at Farmingdale State College Gallery

My friend Geraldine posing for a picture for Chip Kidd, which he put on his twitter. He was impressed by the way Gerry set up the gallery of his work.*

Chip Kidd Book Cover Designs

Chip Kidd Book Cover Designs

Chip Kidd Book Cover Designs Obsession


Chip Kidd Book Cover Designs The Unconsoled


Chip Kidd Book Cover Designs Jurassic Park

Chip Kidd Book Cover Designs A Wolf at the Table


Chip Kidd Book Cover Designs Pushing the Limits

Chip Kidd Book Cover Designs Nothing if Not Critical


Chip Kidd Book Cover Designs Possible Side Effects


Chip Kidd Book Cover Designs Haruki Marakami


Chip Kidd Book Cover Designs The Learners


Chip Kidd Book Cover Designs Naked

Chip Kidd Book Cover Designs I Think You're Totally Wrong


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