Acrylic Paintings by Mick Cantone

Screen shot 2013-11-21 at 11.49.41 PMBorn in 1979, Mick Cantone has created art since an early age. After stints as a musician, screenwriter, filmmaker and actor, Mick commenced working in the medium of painting in 2005 and never looked back. Influenced by such diverse sources as Euro-cult and exploitation cinema, pulp literature, music of every genre and the art and artists  of the past, Mick Cantone has synthesized these disparate elements into his paintings and illustrations. Mick sees his art as a way to share the things he is passionate about with the world at large and to allow people to glimpse into the inner life of an artist. Though having undergone no formal training, he has studied the techniques and working methods of artists from all over the world and throughout history and feels that the best teachers  are observation and practice.

Mick was the subject of a one-man show in 2011 and has taken part in Salon shows at Greenpoint Gallery in Brooklyn on three occasions in 2012. His work has been featured on album covers, flyer designs for local bands and featured in the short movie “Pickman’s Model” (dir. Mark Philip Lichtenstein, 2012) In addition, seven of Mick’s paintings are held in private collections.

(This biography was taken directly from You can view all of Mick’s artwork on his website.

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Mick Cantone’s paintings are most certainly very imaginative. Most of his subjects are realistic, either being people, landscapes, or flowers.  However Mick has a unique way with the acrylic paint to create cartoonish styles. The colors are bold and all contrast each other in ways that make each painting pop right off the canvas. My favorite is the way part of the woman’s arms are under the water and she’s holding onto the side of the pool. It makes such a simple composition, so dynamic. The blue colors in the water gives me an inviting feeling. I would love to jump in that beautiful blue pool! I love his “Adam and Eve” painting. They are nude and Eve is holding the apple, which is just how the story goes. Their bodies are stylized and slightly out of proportion. Even with their imperfections I think they look perfect. They aren’t pure people in Gods eyes so the concept of them having imperfect bodies, captures the idea of the biblical story.  Their eyes give them the expression that they are up to no good, which is exactly right. I greatly enjoy this particular painting when I look closely at all the hidden details and meanings.  I enjoy looking through Mick’s paintings. They are all very unique. Theres a lot more hidden detail then meets the eye when looking at his paintings. Take time and notice the details. I hope you enjoy them as much as me!

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