Rachel Ruysch

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rachel ruysch

Rachel Ruysch’s Flower Still Life is a seventeenth century oil on canvas painting.
Then, as now, the Dutch were major growers and exporters of flowers, especially tulips, which appear in nearly every flowers piece in dozens of exquisite variations.Rachel Ruysch’s flower pieces were highly prized for their unusual and beautiful color harmonies. During her 70-year career, she became one of the most sought after and highest paid still life painters in Europe.

Ruysch placed the container at the center of the canvas’s width, then created an asymmetrical floral arrangement of pale orange, pinks, and yellows rising from the lower left to top right of the picture of set by the strong diagonal of the tabletop.
Ruysch often emphasized the beauty of curving flower stems and enlivened her compositions with interesting additions, such as casually placed pieces or fruit and insects, in this case a large gray moth and two snail shells.

If you didn’t already know, I love flowers!!


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